CLG Collective Podcast – Shark Attack with Paul de Gelder

Episode 004 - Paul de Gelder

In this episode of the Carl Gould Collective Podcast, Carl Gould interviews Paul de Gelder, a former paratrooper in the Royal Australian Army and Navy clearance diver. Paul shares his journey from being a peacekeeper in East Timor to become a member of the elite dive team. He also talks about the varied and exciting roles he played as a clearance diver, including underwater battle damage repair and land-based EOD.

Here are the top three takeaways from the podcast:

  1. Embrace challenges: Paul talks about how he faced numerous challenges in his life, from being kicked out of his home at 17 to having his deployment to Iraq revoked. Despite these setbacks, he remained determined to find his dream job and poured his heart and soul into becoming a Navy clearance diver. His message to listeners is to embrace challenges and use them as an opportunity for growth.

  2. Pursue your passion: Paul discovered his passion for diving and used it as a way to move up in his career. He says that finding your passion is crucial to achieving success in life. He advises listeners to try new things and explore different interests to find what truly excites them.

  3. Be adaptable: As a clearance diver, Paul had to be adaptable and prepared for any situation. He talks about the varied roles he played as a diver, from doing underwater battle damage repair to land-based EOD. He advises listeners to be open-minded and adaptable, as it will help them navigate any situation they may face in their personal or professional life.

Overall, Paul’s story is one of perseverance, determination, and embracing new challenges. His message to listeners is to find their passion, embrace challenges, and be adaptable to achieve their goals.