CLG Collective Podcast – Building Your Personal Brand with Rey Perez

Episode 001 - Rey Perez

Global Branding Expert, Rey Perez talks about personal branding and how it can help business owners and CEOs build relationships and attract more clients. Rey talks about the importance of personal branding for service and product-driven businesses and for those who are the face of their business. He emphasizes the need to leverage digital resources like the internet, social media, and websites to build relationships faster and create something that can be leveraged over and over again.  

The difference between a personal brand and a business brand is explained, with personal branding being about the person behind the business and their unique qualities, skills, and experiences. Rey provides examples of how personal branding has helped people attract more clients, build trust, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

Top Takeaways:

  1. Building a personal brand is crucial for entrepreneurs and CEOs who are the face of their business, as it allows them to create a connection and relationship with potential customers before they make a buying decision.
  2. The internet, mobile devices, and social media provide entrepreneurs with a powerful digital resource to build relationships with customers faster and more efficiently and leverage their time and efforts. 
  3. A personal brand is different from a business brand, and involves creating a clear and consistent image of yourself as a thought leader and expert in your industry while showcasing your unique personality and values. It can help entrepreneurs stand out in a crowded market, and establish credibility and trust with potential customers.