Carl Gould – Needing to Pivot

The situation in Puerto Rico is dire, but not unique nor uncommon. We are seeing some of the same challenges in eastern European countries. What Puerto Rico needs is a pivot. I disagree that this change and the new legislation will take years to take effect. If you were to announce entrepreneurial benefits to this new program, business owners would jump in immediately. There would be no lag! With the stronger dollar, business process outsourcing, call center services, manufacturing, administrative virtual assistance, and other support functions would happen almost immediately. Lowering the minimum wage is one step, and a tough one, that was necessary so businesses have lower costs to operate. Investment in the Commonwealth as well as consumption will increase quickly if the incentives are there for the business community to do so. Legislation is not enough, let’s put the incentives in there to compel business owners to invest in the Commonwealth. That will in turn lead to further investment domestically.