Carl Gould – Business Plan

Writing a business plan is essential, and highly recommended. Why? In the 7 Stages of Business Success ( , Stage 1 is titled strategic planning… where you get your great ideas out of your head and onto paper. However, it is not enough to share what you are doing… and what you intend to do in your business. The implication of your strategic planning is that it is compelling and inspiring. You need to compel the marketplace to partner with you, and your business plan must inspire others to want to work for you. The HOW of what you do and the WHY of what you do …matter. The HOW  is your approach to business, your differentiator and what makes you better. Your WHY is important because it will articulate what impact you are going to have on the world beyond just your product and service. Does your strategic planning answer these two questions?… 1. Why would somebody move from their current location to work for you; and be willing to do it at a discount? …. 2. Why would a consumer choose to leave their current provider, and be willing to purchase from me and pay a premium? If you can answer those 2 questions successfully in your strategic planning documents, then you have created an inspiring and compelling business plan!