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Marketing in 2017 brought many exciting new trends and we are constantly seeing a big demand for more personalized web content, many new strategies for reaching target audiences, and other innovative methods for advertising. The following are some of the most popular marketing trends for 2017.

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Mobile domination is an increasing trend in the marketing campaigns, as more and more people are accessing the internet through their mobile devices. Because of that, the way in which digital marketing is now used is more focused on smartphone users, due to the popularity of this type of technology. Things like advertisements can appear from anywhere to your internet browser, to your social media content, and places like can help businesses to implement a Pay Per Click Management strategy into the running of their company. This can help you advertise to as wide an audience as possible. But there are so many other things that your mobile can help with. Vertical video content and mobile messenger marketing are a couple of things that are growing and if you want to have a good marketing campaign, then focusing on mobile users is a must.

Video content is a crucial part of marketing, and this trend is growing stronger month by month. Videos are receiving bigger engagement from people and companies can squeeze additional content through the videos presented to the audience. They allow marketers to communicate their message more efficiently through storytelling. Every social media application has a video stream option available, so expect to see lots of mobile-optimized video content being produced this year.

According to many studies, a big majority of people depend on recommendations from other people they know, so influencer marketing is another thing that in full swing. Advertising and marketing are relying a lot on industry influencers, so traditional channels for marketing are slowly going away.

Many people are interacting with different brands through many different channels like blogs, e-mails or social media. E-mail marketing is an extremely popular method for marketing this year. This method constantly gets improved and is no longer a simple copy sent to many users, but it is often customized based on location, online behavior, time of day, messages, and more. Yes, online behavior – some companies will use technology available from places like Luth Research to track the online behavior of customers to aid their market research.

Messenger bots are also very popular today, especially on platforms like Facebook. Many leading brands are using them for processing orders and for delivering stock quotes.

Interactive content marketing is also a very useful method that brings many benefits to marketers. Through this method, brands can gain bigger attention and can easily communicate their message to the audience. Many companies have recognized the useful aspects of interactive content marketing and started to build numerous interactive tools for online users. Interactive infographics, personalized approaches, live charts and data visualizations are often used by businesses and serve a great purpose in their marketing campaigns.

Native content is very important in the marketing campaigns in 2017. Today, different marketing channels require different methods. Some are used for expressing in written words, while others are for showing short and long videos and digital images. No matter the channel, all of them have specific content that can do well on that channel, but poorly on another one. Although it can be often hard to make optimized content for every platform depending on how many platforms you are using, we can still expect to see a much-improved performance by the digital marketers in regards with the native content.