School supplies may be in short supply due to pandemic-related issues

“If you have to get a notepad, can you find one? Yes, probably. Can you find the exact one your teacher wants to go in your binder for that special class in a certain color that’s 2 inches thick? Eh, that might be a bit tough,” says Carl Gould of & Stage Advisors.Gould owns a company that advises small business owners on how to grow their companies. He says that the shortage on everything from backpacks and notepads to Chromebooks and clothing is thanks to what he calls a “perfect storm” of pandemic-related supply chain disruptions and staffing shortages.“Whatever your kids need – it has been manufactured. It is somewhere. The problem is we can’t get it here on time,” Gould says.He says that parents and students should start looking for supplies now if they haven’t already. He also advises looking online and in person. He says that if you find an item you need now, grab it and don’t wait for comparison shopping. He also says to consider secondhand or lightly used items.“That’s when you want to hop on local neighborhood social media groups, you’re Nextdoor, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo groups. Here is where social media helps you. And tell people what you are looking for,” Gould says.Gould also suggests looking into marketing and promotional companies for specific items. Many bought products last year and have plenty to sell.He says that the supply chain issues could take another year to level out. Read the full article HERE