Talking Tik Tok with Carl Gould of 7 Stage Advisors | WHOA GNV Side Hustle

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After building and selling various multimillion-dollar organizations, Carl Gould’s 7 Stage Advisors has mentored some of the fastest-growing companies like Walgreens, Walmart, American Idol, IBM, and more. Carl is an international speaker, CEO, entrepreneur, author, & advisor, and we had the opportunity to get him in our WHOA GNV Studio. Being our first guest outside of Gainesville, Michael and I were able to get his perspective of the city and hear his awesome story. Fun fact: To spend a day with Carl Gould and get his expertise would cost you $20,000, so we were grateful to get an hour of his time on our podcast! 6:29 Tell us how you got to where you are today. 12:54 You want to be who you are and sell it big! 19:59 Find what your differentiators are, promote what those are, and you pick fights. 20:02 How did you get the opportunity to work with Inc. 500 fastest growing companies? 28:18 I’m not tied to the result and how we get there, I just want to make sure you get there. 30:50 People aren’t always hiring a coach because they want an expert. 36:08 I’ve looked to various sources and found my inspiration one slice at a time. 40:54 I like to listen to people who have a distinctly original take on things. 42:01 Everyone is so different that I find it almost impossible to see competition. 46:00 Understand what a “goal” actually is. 56:22 What’s success for you – do you feel like you’ve made it? 1:00:03 I made a deal with myself – I’m never going to work again that I don’t love. 1:08:12 Every two weeks I block out time. 1:13:45 You want to become better than the problems you’re facing.