Carl Gould – The Right People for Your Business

Random People = Random Results…Check Her Out! All people involved in the world of business are trying to follow the famous Jim Collins thought – to get the right people on the bus, take wrong people off the bus, and put the right people in their right seats. This is a very powerful business concept that should always be followed. However, not all entrepreneurs know whether they have the right people on the bus. Successful businesses know that talented and skillful people are their best resource, but also the most valuable asset to keep. Great business leaders spend a lot of time on finding, selecting, developing, training, and putting workers in their best places. As soon as you fill the bus with the right people in the right places – there is no limit what your business can achieve.

The following are some pointers which should tell you whether you have the right people on the bus.

The right people have values that go in the same direction with the values of the company they represent.

The right people expect a delegation of tasks, but they do not have to be tightly controlled or managed.

The right people know that they are responsible for achieving great results for the company.

The right people are always keeping their word and are accountable for their actions. They are careful when giving promises and committing to a certain task, but when they commit they deliver their maximum.

The right people are passionate about the company they work for and for the work they do.

The right people are also good at establishing contacts and communicating. They have organized thoughts and their body language and tone of voice are always synchronized.

The right people can solve problems quickly and efficiently. They are people that have leadership and organizational skills. They always work in a group and put the collective above all. These types of people can be a very valuable asset to your company because they are hard-working and inspiring to others.

The right people have a good sense of knowing which thing is best to do at a certain moment, without being told what they should do next. They are quiet in fixing small problems before they develop into more serious issues. They are often pro-active when taking initiatives and actions that are beneficial for the company they represent.

The right people are also good team players. They love to work and motivate others, so the work is more productive. They care for the group and often put other people in the spotlight than bringing the light to them. They know what the main objectives of the company are and do their best for the company to reach its goals.

The right people are also constant learners. They are very motivated to upgrade their knowledge and to become even better than they are. They are always reading, learning, and attending seminars, and always try to keep in touch with successful people. They are always eager to learn new information, try new approaches, and learn new things.

We hope that this article will help you clear all your dilemmas so you can grow as a leader and entrepreneur.