Carl Gould – Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities are rarely off the field as good as they are on the field there are some rare exceptions as they mentioned in the article, but as a business celebrity endorsements are very challenging. There are most useful for a brand in the early going to help build credibility and a line with the company’s goals and values. On a long-term basis though, the same celebrity that help you grow the business Will Poulter as all humans do, and you need to make sure that their discussions or mistakes will not be damaging to your company. Also, companies need to make sure that they don’t overreact when it comes to there celebrity endorsers mistakes. There are some times when you can stick by your celebrity endorser but beware as in the case of our Olympian, he did make a big mistake, and although he is remorseful about it, there are some lessons that need to come out of it. Hopefully, the brands that endorse Ryan can use this as a learning opportunity for their customers to show how one person can make a mistake, but how they overcome that mistake and not just by being the person in obscurity until everybody has forgotten about the discretion. The fragile relationship between celebrities and businesses continue 🙂